Your Social Media Checklist

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Featured, Process, Social Media

Social media is a great way to take control of the conversation and engage with your audience. Being present on social media will help your brand gain more insight into your target audience and what is and isn’t working.

However, it can be overwhelming to decide how to effectively utilize social media to get the most out of your time. Should you be using hashtags? Do you need a strategy? How often should you be posting? Should you be focusing on all of the social media platforms or niche down to one? We answer all of your questions below.

What Platforms Should You Use?

There are so many social media platforms out there catering to different audiences and industries it can be challenging to decide where you should be focusing your efforts. To simplify this process, you should have 1-2 primary platforms where you post daily, respond to all of the comments and messages you receive, and proactively engage with your audience. We recommend focusing 70% of your social media time on your primary platforms. Spend the other 30% of your time on your secondary platforms. These platforms most likely don’t cater to your ideal customer but are still important overall to show that as a brand, you have an online presence. We recommend posting 1-2 times per week on the secondary platforms of your choice.

Still not sure how to go about picking your primary and secondary platforms? We have you covered in this blog post, diving into what each platform is excellent for.

How to Write An About Section

Your about section is important because it tells your followers how you can help them. On some platforms you may have less than 150 characters to let someone know what you do, and why they should follow your brand. This is where your writing skills will really come into play. Try to include the following three things in your about section if length allows:

  1. How does your product or service benefit your customer?
  2. What outcome will your audience see by being joining your community?
  3. What are the next steps after they follow you? Should they check out your website? Should they sign up for your weekly newsletter?

Imagery and Branding

Take a look at your social media platforms – is the imagery consistent? Are you using coordinating color palettes? Is your logo present or another piece of brand-identifying imagery so that someone can easily recognize that this social platform is yours?

  1. Update all profile images to be the same or similar on each platform. Depending on what industry you’re in it is best to use your logo or a high-quality professional image.
  2. Update the cover photo to be the same or similar on each platform. You can get fancy with these and add a quote or list of services that you offer using applications like
  3. Create a template for your images to create brand consistency.

Do You Need A Strategy?

The answer is Yes! You need a social media strategy in place, and it is an essential part of this checklist. It doesn’t need to be a formal document – it can be a simple guide that grows and evolves as you learn more about your audience. If you’re not sure what to include, these five questions will get you started:

  1. What platforms will you be using to engage with your audience?
  2. How frequently will you be posting, and who is in charge of carrying this out?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. What is the call to action? Do you want to drive your audience to your website/ a newsletter/ or to purchase a product?
  5. How does social media help your brand? Think brand awareness, sales, leads, etc.

Here at Kevin Brown Design, our strategic marketing approach ensures that every part of your marketing efforts is relevant to your end goal, whatever that may be. Want to get started with some of these strategies? Get in touch today for a free consultation with Kevin Brown Design.