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We Create
Beautiful web experiences.
The specialists at Kevin Brown Design take the time to learn about you, your company and your industry to help elevate your website and your business.
We Write
Engaging content
While your website’s design is the first impression for new visitors, the content is what keeps them there.

Our Services


We use digital marketing to increase your site’s visibility.

A beautiful site means nothing if no one can see it. Using SEO and PPC, we get your site in front of the people who matter most. Learn more about how we make digital marketing profitable for your business.

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We create custom websites designed for conversion.

Designing a website is easy; creating a beautiful web experience is another story. We create sites that wow visitors and encourage potential customers to take the next step with your company.

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We write content that speaks to your audience.

Content is more important than people realize; it keeps people around and encourages them to take action. We take our time to get to know you so that our content represents you in the best way possible.

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A strategic approach to design

Too many people make the mistake of designing their site before properly determining their marketing strategy. This is where our process starts. Our strategic marketing approach to web design ensures that every part of your site serves a specific purpose that is relevant to your end goal, whatever that may be.

Our approach

  1. 1Create a strategy
  2. 2Conduct a website audit
  3. 3Improve on-page SEO
  4. 4Keyword research
  5. 5Create great content
  6. 6Build inbound links
  7. 7Nurturing your list
  8. 8Analyze & optimize results
Custom, professional web design - Lincoln, Nebraska

How does your site measure up?

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A Call to Action for Your Website

A Call to Action for Your Website

You see them everywhere. Big, bold, in-your-face buttons and links with such labels as: Click here to get 10% off your first purchase of garlic javelina jerky!, Get your free copy of the award-winning eBook, ‘Mastering Broccoli’, and so forth. They’re on websites all...

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Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test

Have you ever selected a Google Search result on your smartphone, only to find yourself taking a look at a web page where the content was too small and the hyperlinks were tiny? And maybe you needed to scroll sideways to see all of the content? This normally occurs...

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Why Your Site Needs Responsive Web Design

Why Your Site Needs Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (also referred to as RWD) is a method of website design that enables a website to work well with multiple device types. Ever visit a site on your phone and think “this is way too small and difficult to navigate”? Chances are that site was not...

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FREE Conversion Strategy

FREE Conversion Strategy

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