Does Your Construction Company Need a Marketing Strategy?

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Construction, Digital Marketing

A marketing strategy is simply a plan for what you want your marketing efforts to accomplish. Creating a marketing strategy for a construction company is just as crucial for any other type of business. Unplanned, reactive marketing and neglecting marketing are both ineffective and will leave you struggling to generate leads. A marketing strategy gives your construction company several essential benefits, including:

Connect With Your Customers
Creating a marketing strategy starts with understanding your current customer base and your target customer. This allows you to determine what your customers want from your company to deliver that more effectively. A marketing strategy clarifies your branding goals and will enable you to provide better service to your current customers and bring in new ones.

Spend Budget Effectively
A big picture marketing strategy helps you identify which marketing channels and methods will get you the best results for your spending. This lets you focus your budget on the areas that will give you the best return. Diving into marketing efforts without a plan can waste money on techniques that aren’t effective.

Keep Your Message Consistent
When you create a marketing strategy for your construction company, you’re making sure that everyone on your team understands what your goals are and how to work toward them. A plan sets you up to take steps like posting content or calling customers regularly. Doing these things consistently will get you better results, and having a schedule can save you time overall.

Be Proactive
Marketing without a strategy often leads to reacting to issues as they come up rather than taking control of your construction company’s brand. When you avoid setting specific goals and establishing a schedule, it’s easy to neglect marketing work until you’re already in need of new customers. A big picture plan puts you in control of your messaging.

How to Get Started With a Marketing Strategy for Your Construction Company

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy can feel overwhelming, but you can make it easier by breaking it down into simple steps.

  1. Set Goals – First, you’ll need to decide exactly what you want your marketing efforts to accomplish. You might want to bring in many new customers or increase traffic to your website. Set specific goals, like growing your social media following by 10% over three months. Being specific allows you to measure whether your efforts are working clearly.
  2. Understand Target Audience – Get a clear sense of the people you’re directing your marketing efforts toward. Think about the type of person who lives in the homes you’re building or remodeling and their needs and preferences.
  3. Try Account-Based Marketing – This marketing tactic involves focusing your efforts on a few specific potential customers who are your ideal clients. Account-based marketing can be a suitable method for construction companies, which often have a good sense of the type of customer they’re looking for and work on larger projects.
  4. Optimize Your Website – Your marketing strategy needs to include maintaining and regularly updating your website. Today’s customers expect to see professional websites with up-to-date information from all the companies they do business with. Your website is an excellent place to start a blog for consistent engagement and content marketing. You might also consider adding customer service features like chatbots, which can save you the time you might spend on straightforward phone calls.
  5. Use Social Media – You’ll probably also want to use social media for marketing. Refer to your research on your target customers to decide which platforms to focus on. For example, if your customers are middle-aged and older adults, you’ll do better on Facebook than on TikTok. Since many construction companies avoid using social media marketing, you’ll stand out from your competitors if you start a good social media campaign.
  6. Analyze Results – As you implement the different elements of your marketing strategy, gather data on how well your tactics are working. Compare these results to your original goals. If you met your goals, it’s a good sign that your marketing strategy is working, and you can continue with what you’re doing. If not, you can take the opportunity to look into why your marketing wasn’t effective and how you should adjust going forward.

A marketing strategy for your construction company is essential. At Kevin Brown Design we have tons of resources to get you started on your digital marketing journey. Download our free 9-step marketing strategy here or schedule a consultation with us if you’re looking to begin implementing monthly services.

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