Is Your Website Customer-Focused?

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Customer, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Uncategorized

A website is an essential digital marketing tool for your business as it advertises your products and services and helps convert views into purchases and sales. Although most modern businesses have websites, not all are customer-focused, limiting their potential to attract and retain customers. User engagement, conversion rate, and traffic are primary measures of website success which are only achievable for customer-focused websites.

What is a Customer-focused Website?

A customer-focused website is a website that employs a customer-centered approach in which the customer is placed at the center of its online offering. It focuses on satisfying the customers’ needs and interests while aligning with the company’s business model and goals.

Businesses should consider having a customer-focused website because customer focus promotes customer engagement and efficiency. Customer-focused websites promote customer engagement through open communication and feedback, which is crucial in designing quality products and services. It also promotes business efficiency as customer-focused websites offer a long-term strategy for generating leads and sales and building customer loyalty, trust, and satisfaction.

How to Create a Customer-focused Website?

You can best determine how customer-focused your website is by creating a customer-focused website. A customer-focused website will include the following;

Clear Identification of Niche Customer Audience.

Before creating a customer-focused website, you must know who your customers are by identifying your niche customer audience. You can best identify your niche target audience by exploring the following characteristics;

  • Industry- Identify your industry of operation, for instance, food and beverage, telecommunications, or retail.
  • Application- Customer needs, wants, or applications your business fulfills.
  • Geography- The geographical region in which your target audience lives and works.
  • Occupation- Customer’s work title and professional occupation.
  • Decision-making process- explore factors that affect your customer decision-making, such as price, value consciousness, and advanced technology.
  • Demographic characteristics- Identify their age, gender, and income.
  • The information helps you build the customer persona, which helps you to customize your marketing operations towards specific individuals. It also helps you create personalized content for the needs and interests of your niche customer audience.

Addresses Customer’s Needs and Wants

When visiting your website, you must understand that customers look for solutions to their problems, needs, and wants. Therefore, your website should provide content on how your business would address and satisfy your customer’s needs, wants, and motivation. It is crucial to ensure that the content and features on your website are customized to provide solutions to different customer target groups.

A customer-focused website answers customer questions and provides content they enjoy consuming. The best way to create appropriate content is to research customers’ wants and needs through research from sources such as Google Trends, Quora, social media, and blogs.

Engaging and Authentic Content

The primary intention of a customer-focused website is to create connections and open communication with customers. You can create engaging and authentic content using the following strategies.

  • Using a conversational and friendly tone on your website.
  • Avoiding complex sentences, product codes, and jargon.
  • Use simple key phrases in layman’s language in place of keywords.
  • Include engaging videos and images.
  • Offer customer feedback by including customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Provide contact information.
  • Offering customers transparent information about data collection and use.
  • Attach Call to Action (CTA) links where customers can shop or contact your business.

Your website should have engaging and authentic content because it encourages prospective customers to take action and make purchases. It will also build trust, loyalty, and open communication with clients.

Mobile-friendly Website

Modern-day consumers want the convenience of mobile-friendly websites that they can operate through their mobile phones. You can make your website mobile-friendly using the following tactics;

  • Create a short website that can load easily.
  • Ensure your website is responsive and can be read on mobile devices using Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Include tabs for easy navigation.
  • Focus on essential information such as contact, location, product and services, and pricing information.
  • Use mobile-friendly formats such as images, white space, bullet points, and short paragraphs.

Your website is customer-focused if it has engaging and authentic content, a niche target audience, customer needs and wants, and is mobile-friendly. It is essential to have a customer-focused website because it facilitates better customer communication and engagement that translates to sales and profit. Please get in touch with us and learn more about this and much more.